This blog is the brainchild of Samantha and Richard Glass. We are two friends who look with hope forward to an eternal continuance of that love. We love to play games with family and friends, watch movies with snacks, and make food. Our family has roots from all over the US, including California, West Virginia, New Jersey, and Virginia, with family members peppered throughout the States. We love them very much; their support and love mean a lot to us.

Our interest in writing is personal, in that we want to record many of our experiences, recipes, and thoughts. We admire the wonders of Earth, the creativity and work of others, and the examples of greatness that we find in both. As we share our personal religious experiences, we are interested in learning about the ways in which others express love and service to others. Not only do we want to use this as a platform for our own thoughts, but we want to use it to share the good that others are involved in. We hope that some of what we discuss and post will uplift, inspire, or ring true with you.